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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Yesterday's doings..

So yesterday was 18/02/2012 (Saturday to most people) and it wasn't completely exciting but i ran a few errands.

My mum lent me the money from her cheque book for a Cosmopolitan yearly subscription, and so i popped to town to go into the bank and replace the money (which was a complete fiddle because the bank couldn't transfer the money and the machine doesn't accept coins and blah blah blah. Bleurgh to Halifax)
While in town i also popped into superdrug and the 99p store and bought a few bits and bobs. Including an eyebrow pencil, a GOSH nail polish (in metallic green), some rice cakes (random but yummy), a superdrug lip balm (the little green tin with aloe vera), Cuticura moisturiser, a mango body scrub, and even more randomly.. some toothpaste! (i love arm and hammer and the 99p store sells their full range! I find it's the only thing that actually whitens my teeth and the sensitive paste does really work!)

After my trip to town i came home and me and mum went out for late lunch at harvester. We shared a platter for two and made a pretty good job of it!

I hope everyone had an amazing Saturday, and enjoys their sunday too!

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