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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Wishlist - Item #2

So wishlist item number two is rather.. different to yesterdays, and rather more pricey. But i am absolutely in love with these Doc Martens. I was originally going to save up for/ beg my parents for the black patent, but then i stumbled across these (thank-you schuh.co.uk for emailing me about spring styles - iloveyou..)
They are £110, which could be pricey for boots, but i know and trust the brand and the wuality and the £110 will definitely last (compared to paying £20 a month on cheaper shoes that only last a few weeks..)
I'm hoping that my daddy will agree to buying them (since he promised to buy me a pair just didn't guess i would of found the prettiest.. but most expensive ones.. -he should've guessed!-)
The boots can be found here if you wish to browse them yourself :)


  1. these are gorgeous!!

    // thankies! <3 haha, the cat is actually my pet, and i guess he's become a mascot in my blog or something xD hah

    thank you so much for the add :D ill add you aswell!

    1. thank-you! i cannot wait to get these boots in my ownership hehe, and the kitty is now adorable but i didn't expect him to be staring out at me hehe. Love your little pet addiction! and thank-you for adding :D xox