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Friday, 30 March 2012

Not long now!

Finally my exams are over, and i can dedicate myself to my lovely followers again :)

So if you haven't already read older posts, you should, but for those who have been around a little while..
It's not long until my 50 follower giveaway!

I better ge3t shopping! I've had my eye on some items I'd like to purchase for my giveaway and so i shall have to get them soon just in case my follow count drifts up!

I'm sorry that posts will be a bit shorter than normal but I've jumped on the YouTuber bandwaggon so am trying to get to grips with that. And I'll of course be posting the videos here so you can watch them from here. My March Favourites will be a video, so i apologise to those people that enjoy reading favourite posts, but i promise I'll make more in depth reviews and other posts as soon as i get a few videos up.

Thank-you so much for following and thank-you for being lovely and supportive and bearing with my ever so slow-ness!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Quick update..

So i apologise in advance for my lack of blogging but this week is Mock exam week, and so it means that i am weighed down with silly amounts of crammig before my exams. I post now because i know that I'll be so tempted to get on the computer tomorrow (i will be dragging myself to the local library and hoping for the best)

Tomorrow will be my date with the library (again since i went today as well but lost hope in the rays of sunshine tempting me outside.) tomorrow i shall be equipped with my headphones to block out all noise and get myself motivated!

My first exam is Wednesday afternoon and so wish me luck!



My Sunday in Pictures.

Brave or stupid?

So I'm starting a YouTube channel!
Dun dun dunnnnnnnn... (Be all dramatic while reading that..)

Anyway I'm thinking of doing some Vlogs as well as a few beauty looks etcetera..

When i get the channel up and running and upload my first ever video you'll all be notified!


Jeesh i love you guys :3
So not long now until my 50 follower giveaway! I better start shopping!

Have a lovely Monday and enjoy your week

Thursday, 22 March 2012

I was tagged?! Get to know me TAG.

I'm new to all this tagging lark. But thank-you Sarah (ohhsoglam.blogspot.com) for tagging me and getting me involved!

So the whole thing is i give you 11 facts, answer 11 questions, make up 11 questions and tag 11 people! Eep!

So 11 things about me you might not know.. erm..
  1. I live in Essex Err...
  2. I love shopping
  3. I'm an only child
  4. I'm addicted to caramel lattes
  5. I love Liam Baker very much :3
  6. I'm a little monster (gaga fan for life.)
  7. I use the computer too much.
  8. I'm saving for a macbook
Err.. jheesh this is hard..

Okay i have to stop at eight so that's the first part failed..

My eleven questions to answer from Sarah:

1. What is Your Favourite Beauty Item?
Currently my clinique sample mascara from the Cosmo mag (considering re-purchasing.) AND rimmel wake me up foundation..

2. Favourite Hair Product?
Superdrug Coconut and almond hair mask

3. What Can't You Live without?
Sadly, my mobile phone.

4. Favourite TV Show?

Had a phase of loving the Only way is essex, Made in chelsea for life though. (they make me speak really posh so my mum prefers me watching that one ;P)

5. Favourite Book?
Currently reading Dracula, love it. But probably the Harry potter series. (I'm a HP nerd..)

6. Your Favourite Blog Post of Yours?
Errr.... Possibly my last haul? I got quite a few comments and i love recieving comments! :)

7. Favourite Beauty Blogger?
fashionisfilth.com - Lexi is amazing :)

8. Favourite Makeup Brand?
Maybelline (although i'm loving Rimmel Wake me up foundation at the moment..)

9. Goal in Life?
Get married, have babies (NO I AM NOT A STEREOTYPICAL WOMAN WHO ENJOYS BEING IN THE KITCHEN AND MAKING BABIES. I just would like children..) get a house and a car (i really want an aldi TTS.. yummeh car.. and my boyfriend is becoming a mechanic so hell yeah to my modded aldi TTS ;P)

10. Whats Your Dream Job?

Errrrrr... well i'd like to be a teacher, but i'd like a big house etc. So probably a well paid one. And i'd love to try modelling but i like food too much.. So i really don't know! :S

11. Fake Tan or Natural?

Natural of course. But England is poo for sunshine. So sometimes you just can't help but love tan from a can..


  1. Favourite beauty product
  2. favourite film
  3. favourite food
  4. costa or starbucks?
  5. favourite animal
  6. any pets?
  7. any piercings or tatoos, or any you'd like to get
  8. any phobias?
  9. favourite shop
  10. favourite pair of heels
  11. a place you'd love to visit
Tah dah!





Sunday, 18 March 2012

Buttons buttons everywhere.. (i'm running out of Java..)

So i made a button!
And as most of you that stumble upon my page will see i advertise fellow bloggers without even being asked because i feel it's important to get people noticed in this very competetive world.

So i am asking, not begging, but politely asking that you may fancy placing my button upon your page.
It would be highly appreciated! :)
Below is the HTML for my blog if you wish to place it :) it can also be found at the side on my page under "My Button" :D

<center><a href="http://f-fancies.blogspot.co.uk/"><img src="http://i825.photobucket.com/albums/zz177/ListenToMyTroubles/button-1.png" height="200" width="200" border="0" alt="Faye‘s Fancies" /></a>

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A few photos..

I had a vain moment

What can i say?

Amazing new giveaway!

Again Vale has made another AMAZING giveaway and this time from the website Romwe. The opportunity to win one of the stated accesories AS WELL AS a $80 gift card! (how cool is that?!)

The link is
to her giveway, and you should go and check out her blog and giveaway!

Congratulations to the last giveaway winner :)

Good morning Baltimore..

(Guessed where the title comes from? :3)

Anywho, a little good morning and a super quick "What i'm lusting for post"
I suppose i chose this title as that film is all about getting what you want..
I was browsing through a couple of blogs and when i stumbled upon This Way For Fashion, Leanne's lovely post about disco pants caught my eye.. and then her bag smacked me straight in the face (not literally of course.) but it was a lovely studded duffle bag, and so i mooched along to the select website and may i say "GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME!" Select has actually upped it's stakes in my fashion books..
Select cherry chiffon vest £8
Select black print chiffon top £10
Select Taupe side zip ankle boots £18
Select Black stitch bag £12

I know everything is from Select but i hardly go in my local select because i never find anything, maybe they have finally realised what people want to buy...
Better get saving my money for these amazing items!

Anything any of you guys are lusting for right now? :)

Monday, 12 March 2012

New layout..

Just wondering what you guys think of the new page layout? Leave comments! :)

Mini haul and good morning!

So it's 7:59am and I'm blogging! (Dedicated much!) basically i had a few moments of thought to myself so here i am!

I bought a few items from the charity shop i work in as well as my first ever Yankee candle!
My first Yankee Candle! I discovered them in my local garden centre. The next mission - which scent to choose next!

Some sunglasses from Wallis that i got for 50p!

My £2.50 Dress
The Yankee candle in my floral holder (holder from Matalan last year)

My garden this morning! Isn't the sky beautiful?
I hope everyone has a lovely Monday and that it's a great start to a great week!

Sunday, 11 March 2012


Jeesh thanks so much guys! :D my follower amount has suddenly just crept up without me knowing!
And just to let you know there will be a mini giveaway at 50 followers and a slightly larger one at 100 followers (i have mentioned the 100 follower giveaway previously so check there for details.)

Thank-you so so much for your support! :D xox

My weekend in pictures (courtesy of my new camera!)


Flower in my garden

My mummy :)

Some geese (they loved being papped!)


a little ladybug/ladybird :D
Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend as i did! :)

Saturday, 10 March 2012

New camera and business cards!

So i got a new camera! A fujifilm DSLR to be exact, as a very kind gift from my parents for easter (because my birthday is two weeks before christmas i usually get a large easter gift rather than chocolate from my parents)

I also went to moo.com and ordered a sample of some business cards for my blog, which i will hopefully be able to give out if i get invited to any events. (fingers crossed)

I started my first day as a volunteer yesterday! (friday) and today was my second day and i'm rather k-nackered, but i'm sure i'll adjust :D
hope everyone had a fabulous weekend :D

Thursday, 8 March 2012

My adventure in Belgium..

So i am back in England! (hurrah!) My little adventure from Folkstone to Calais and into Ypres was pretty amazing, despite being up at goodness knows what hour. (I didn't even know that early existed!)

It was a trip with my English Literature course at college to visit the war memorials of the First World War, and my goodness was it emotional. I was chosen by one of my tutors to place a poppy on one of the graves after a service and i have never felt so proud and honoured in my entire life. It was the grave of the famous unknown soldier, and there are unlimited numbers of people that could be buried under the ground where this stone lay. Most of my pictures i took were of graves and memorials so i won't post any not to offend or upset anyone, but it was an extremely emotional trip.

Of course being in Belgium i HAD to buy chocolate, which i did. And the euro currency experience was rather exciting but odd.

I bought the cutest little strawberry volvic which we don't get in the UK and it was about 1eauro 10, which is about 90pence.

I loved Belgium and France and I'd love to go back soon. Me and the boyfriend are considering going there for new year this year since it gives us both plenty of time to save up.

Hope everyone had a lovely Monday and Tuesday since i wasn't here to say hi :(



Happy international woman&apos;s day!

So the 8th of march is international woman's day and to every woman out there : HAPPY WOMAN'S DAY!

Feminism has been around for a while now, ever since our ancestors burnt there bras.


Keep fighting and being the strongest woman you can be

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I'm back in England!

So i will up[date you all on my Belgium adventure when i get two minutes to myself, but this is the quickest update ever to say I'm back!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

My weekend = blooming stressful!

Evening all!
So i haven't posted in what seem likes forever, for packing for Belgium has totally consumed my time. I leave tomorrow (Monday, at 6am) and i actually can't wait! I think it'll be a great photo opportunity and i need all the practise i can get (so when i splash out on a nice camera I'll be a pro)

Saturday was a lovely day with my mum and nan, we went to the cinema and shopping together. We saw A Monster In Paris which was an AMAZING film, kids films always are the best ones. Next week they will probably see something more sophisticated together but my influence won them over for the kiddies film.  My nan also bought me the most delicious lemon muffin from Marks and Spencers (since we are upper class and popcorn is SO last season ;] ) and it was a lovely trip out.
Spending time with my elder generations means a lot to me.
Also bought a few bits and bobs for the trip including a super cute leopard backpack from primark and a couple of pairs of their super soft super skinny jeans. (Bag £9, Jeans £11 each) as well as a few beauty bits like a spray deodorant and some hair bits and bobs.

My Euros are packed, my passport is shaking with excitement and i am roaring to go!
Although the trip is an educational one we get some free time on both days and so i think it shall be a good trip.

I leave you with a link of what I'm listening to right now, wasting some time until i have to sleep before getting up at 5am for Belgium! Woo woo!

Lana Del Rey – Born To Die

Thursday, 1 March 2012

I have bloglovin!

<a href="http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/3535599/fayes-fancies?claim=c6v4xg7ewv2">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> Follow me!

Pinch punch first day of the month.

It's the first of march!
And march is going to be pretty hectic for me..
The 5th and 6th I'm in Belgium with my college and from there it just gets swarming with appointments and exams and everything on between!
How is everyone's march looking? :)