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Friday, 24 February 2012

Wishlist - Item #4

So back to the makeup wants, and this is an item i could swear by. (i have really really red cheeks, and green primers work amazing for my skin - i have tried one before from my local salon but i have no idea where the newest bottle has gone?! ~mental memo to ask my mother.. :S ~)

I know that my mum did pay, however, about £30-£40 for the last primer (RIDICULOUS!) and i have finally found a cheaper alternative.
L'oreal does a anti-redness primer (green coloured primer are ANTI-REDNESS. Red is opposit green on teh colour wheel so they cancel each other out :D)
This primer is around £10 from superdrug, and i believe it's 3 for 2 at the moment so you get the cheapest item free when you purchase 3 items! (i'm sure most people know what 3 for 2 means :S)

Has anyone tried this primer? What do YOU think of it?
Studio Secrets Anti-redness Primer
L'oreal Studio Secrets