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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Eyebrow Threading - My experience

Now, i was always someone who plucked my own eyebrows, and occasionally i would get them waxed, but i found a local place that does threading, and tempted by a £3 special deal i went along. (The first time i went was before christmas i believe) They gave me a stamped card sayiong if i show them the card next time i'll get a discount meaning that the price will stay at £3 and not be the original £5. Which is always good (i love a good deal!)

The Experience

I'm not going to lie, it was extremely painful. I've had it done twice now, and no it did NOT get any better the second time around. It was bearable, but made my eyes water, and at some point they will ask you to hold your eyebrows a certain way which is quite awkward.

Although it hurts, and is awkward, and makes your eyes water (so wear waterproof mascara or none at all.) It lasts for a good 4-5 weeks, depending on your hair growth of course. But for £3 it's definitely worth it in my opinion.

Happy threading :)

P.S. Click here to learn to thread your own brows.

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