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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Apologies that this is only a wordy post...

But i'm looking for some advise for an outfit.

It's me and Liam's (the boyfriends) two year anniversary on the 28th (gulp!) and i am very gratefully being taken to frankie and benny's (an italian restaurant in case it's not a chain brad in your country/region)

so i'm looking for some advise on an outfit!

I want something really flirty and girly but that will be comfortable and will make him go "wow"

Comments would be much appreciated or you could email me! :D

Thanks guys!
much love

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Grab a bargain at boots!

So with every purchase boots is giving out a £5 no7 voucher as well as a £5 off voucher for fragrances.

So I snapped up the chance to purchase the no7 hot cloth cleanser. It's usually £10 but I got it for a fiver!

I shall be doing a review once I've used it a couple of times to let you know tether it's worth it's full price or only the discount.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Lusting for the whole of Zara.

Studded Top - £29.99

The detail of the top.

Platform Sandal - £59.99 (yes much more pricey but they are just so.. beautiful. Sob)

Messenger Bag - £19.99

Mini Wedge- £29.99

The list is endless, but as you can see i can easily wrack up an extreme amount of money in Zara (money which i unfortunately do not have...) I suppose i'll save and go on a spending spree once i have any sort of money.. Sob.