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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

100 followers giveaway and a massive thank-you!

So, i know i'm not particularly near to getting 100 followers, but maybe to tempt people to check out my blog i'll be doing a small international giveaway when i finally reach 100 followers!
There will also be a small runners up prize so there will be TWO WINNERS.

Please leave comments if there is anything in particular you'd like to win (for example, a brand that might not be available in your country? BUT PLEASE REMEMBER I AM AN UNEMPLOYED STUDENT.)

Also here a massive thank-you to everyone who is following so far and everyone that leaves a comment!
Your feedback is really EXTREMELY appreciated and i thank-you ever so much for every single person that even stumbles upon my blog! :D

Lot's of love



  1. Hey, well I enjoy reading your blog and tips and I'm sure you'll be approaching 100 soon!

    Aw, a lovely giveaway. I'd like to win a lipstick as I'm having a love affair with them at the moment! I like the look of Topshop's 'Oh La La'....


    1. Thank-you for your suggestion on a prize :D i'll have a look for lovely lipsticks :) xox