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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Apologies for my slacky updating..

So really sorry that i didn't actually do and OOTD but I'll explain what i wore for valentines (sorry there will be no pictures) So it was a very casual dinner at his so inwore a flowered vest top, my Superdry hoody, super skinny jeans from primark (which i love and will be getting more of - the super soft super skinnies are £11 each and they now have more colours! I will be definitely getting the black and the lighter blue that they now have) brown loafer pumps from linzi and my brown ostrich bag from boohoo.com

My hair was the usual middle parting that I'm trying, i just applied a volumising spray and heat protection spray and dried my hair upside down. (i dry my hair the right way to set my parting in and then do the rest upside down.)

With make-up, i just wore my usual flicked eyeliner but with a subtle brown smokey shadow and lots of mascara (currently trying out a No7 mascara that  i got in a Christmas set - it's only sample size but I'm actually starting to love it)

I hope everyone is well! And I'd love people to leave comments of what you did on valentines! I'm hoping to go into London today but who knows if that will actually happen!

Happy Thursday,

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