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Sunday, 29 April 2012

12 followers to go!

Guys, I'm a little emotional this morning..



I will be making a post soon with all the little items (I thought i'd break you in slowly - and i haven't taken the photos yet :D)

Woop woop! Tell your friends, the more followers the faster we get this giveaway going! :D

Thanks guys! ^_^

Monday, 16 April 2012

A revelation..

So i stumbled across this amazing website called 99dresses, and i've got a little link for you all to go there yoourself, the more referalls you make yourself, the higher up you get to becoming a member


Go check it out! :)

Thursday, 12 April 2012

NOTD - twinkle twinkle...

So my nails are pretty damn boring today since I could not be bothered to be creative - and plus this nail polish dries in a couple of seconds which is perfect for little impatient me. The nail polish came from a set from asda two Christmas' ago so I have no idea what it's called but OPI do one very similar because my mum had it done with a manicure (by Louise, mentioned in a previous post about spending time with mumsie)
So here are my nails...

Excuse the poor lighting, photo quality and my nail state but I'm getting there with the whole stop biting nails thingy (:

I would really really like...

Now i've never been a sneaker gal, (or trainer girl for the grammatically correct lot)

But i have been converted to high tops, (the boyfriend being slightly responsible for this.)

I have found very girly, but very nice trainers from Nike, that i am considering buying..

So here they are!

Image 1 of Nike Dunk High AC Trainers

Aren't they purty?
They're from Asos.com, and unfortunately they don't have my size at the moment (me having flipper feet in a size 7/8) so i shall pray and hope that they get more in stock, or that i can find these babies elsewhere.

Has anyone seen them around in a shop or other website? I'd be very happy if you would share the information! :D

Hope everyone had an amazing easter and doesn't get to tubby from all the eggs ;)

Big hugs 

Jebus i'm slacking, again!

Sorry guys but i'm on a bloggers block, so i have no idea what to post about..

Possibly doing my nails later so will post you guys on my nails when i get to it :)

Thanks for all the support and if you guys have any idea what i could blog about, please say! :D

Big hugs! <3

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I was nominated...

But i have no idea what for because Sophie didn't expain herself very well (like always. :P)
So can you make yourself clearer!

Also, i'm a bad blogger, and i'll punish myself, but for now i have no idea what to blog about at the current moment in time,

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Dyed my hair, again.

So i dyed my hair, again. But it's the colour i'm sticking to for a bit (black.)

So i'm using the nick n easy, which is a load of poop, because the bottle is a pain (i prefer the bottles with the brush attachment, if you get me?) so i'll be sure to buy one of those next time.

I'm not too happy with the results (i don't think i left it on long enough because i checked the time a little late) but i can fix it so no panic.

Hope everyone is having a good week! :D


Finally YouTube agrees with me!

So FINALLY YouTube has allowed me to upload my videos, and so here they are! :D

Yaaaaayy! :D

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Youtube HATES me...

So i am having the hardest of luck actually uploading my march favourites video on youtube because it's taking forever and my connection is not fast enough and blah
So as soon as i finally get the time to sit there for 243 minutes, you'll have the video :D