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Friday, 8 March 2013

One for all the mamas/mums/mas/mams/mummys.

So, in England, this Sunday is Mothering Sunday and I think that is one of the most worthiest of holidays. Don't get me wrong, Christmas, Easter, Fathers Day - all great. But who could honestly survive without their mum? (literally and metaphorically.) I know I wouldn't be the person I am today without my mum.

Everyone has that stage where you think "urgh mums are annoying they don't care" but as I have got older I have realised how amazing my mum actually is. She deals with a lot from her stroppy teen (and stroppy hubby too, ha sorry dad.) And I don't think mums are appreciated enough.

The thought of being a mother myself one day fills me with a lot of happiness. When I see people who have great relationships with their mum, like I do with mine, I think about the future and hope that my sons/daughters will love me and feel as close to me as I do to my mum.

But mothers day, isn't just about the amazing mums.

My nana is a mum too, after all. She gave my wonderful mum life, and not only that she was a second mum to me when my own had to return to work when I was only a few months old.

I love my mum, and my nana. And all mums, nanas, aunts, sisters, daughters, deserve some sort of recognition on Mothers Day because after all, most women will be a mother one day in their lives. (if they choose to of course.)

So this post, after all that ramble, is dedicated to the wonderful mums. Any of my followers that are mums. To the followers who love a mum, have lost a mum, will become a mum.

Lets show the much deserved appreciation for our Mums that they do not get enough of.

So, Mum - thanks. for being there always.
I love you.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The perks of dating a Transman.

So I think myself pretty lucky to be in the relationship I am in. Love is love, and I didn't purposely go out and find this guy, but I found him. And I wouldn't change him for the world.
I thought i'd make a humorous, almost cliché, list of perks to dating a transguy. And see if I can convert you single ladies to being open minded.
  1. You don't get called overemotional (they are as blubbery as us sometimes! -sorry Dan-)
  2. You can watch slushy films (The Vow is one of Dan's faves.)
  3. They will NEVER say you're overreacting about period pains. (sorry Dan)
  4. Sex. Epic. 'Nuff said.
  5. They allow facemasks (and dan even let me paint his nails once. HA.)
  6. They do feeelings
  7. Kind of like a gay best friend but without the fancying of men and with the perks of being epic boyfriends/fiancés. (they do however moan about us taking ages to get ready... and some transguys are gay so.. doesn't apply to all..)
And there are plenty of the regular "bioguy" perks too, but I love my transman. And I wouldn't swap him for Johnny Depp if someone offered. (Seriously.) He deals with me being an emotional ranty moany moody stroppy stressed out slushy blubbering cow, and anyone does that deserves knighthood let alone a dedicated blog post.

Overall, I love my smurf.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A Sadness Runs Through Him. (personal post - please read with an open mind)

This post is personal, for myself and the person involved. I have permission to write the things I'm about to - but I would plead you to use an open mind when reading this.

Daniel - my wonderful, lovely love-bug of a fiancé is transgender. Some of you may understand this term. Some of you may not.

In short, he was born female.
He is wonderful. He is my man. And he is most certainly a HE. (And if anyone wishes to argue against that with me I shall talk the hid legs off a donkey and keep going until the cows come home.)
He is pre-testosterone (meaning he is currently not taking male hormones) and pre-surgery (that's self explanatory, right?) and today we experienced a tough time.
He tells me pretty much everything, we are agony aunts (and uncles) to each other and I love that part of our relationship. Regardless of the 341 miles between us we still offer comfort and consolidation to each other. Again there was the usual topic of discomfort; his parents. They are unaccepting, and very blunt about it. And the tension returned again to them thinking the wrong thoughts for parents.
It upsets me terribly to see that his own parents do not wish to offer support for him. (to me, I would want my child to be happy regardless of the pain and struggle it may cause me.) and it is a usual topic of annoyance for Dan. (And for me)
So, rant over. The purpose of this post was to raise awareness, and as Dan is open to questions i thought i'd leave it open to any of you guys who would like to ask questions. Just leave them in the comments and i'll get back to you ASAP with answers!