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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Another amazing giveaway by Vale :D

So here is another amazing giveaway that everyone should go and check out :D

100 followers giveaway and a massive thank-you!

So, i know i'm not particularly near to getting 100 followers, but maybe to tempt people to check out my blog i'll be doing a small international giveaway when i finally reach 100 followers!
There will also be a small runners up prize so there will be TWO WINNERS.

Please leave comments if there is anything in particular you'd like to win (for example, a brand that might not be available in your country? BUT PLEASE REMEMBER I AM AN UNEMPLOYED STUDENT.)

Also here a massive thank-you to everyone who is following so far and everyone that leaves a comment!
Your feedback is really EXTREMELY appreciated and i thank-you ever so much for every single person that even stumbles upon my blog! :D

Lot's of love


Monday, 27 February 2012

February favourites

So my first favourite post! Yay! As you can see I buy a lot from superdrug haha.

My favourites! (and my living room carpet being very mud coloured for me..) The white tubes are the Crabtree and Evelynn La Source hand treatment that was bought as a gift a few years ago and still works wonders. It consists of a hand scrub and a lovely moisturiser and i'm not sure how much it cost. (SORRY I FORGOT TO PUT A POCTURE BELOW.)

Superdrug Deep Cleansing Mud mask

Superdrug Intensive Hair conditioner - coconut and sweet almond

Dream mousse blush shade 04 Mauve

Rimmel London Wake Me Up foundation

Superdrug little green tin lipbalm

Uh-oh spaghetti o's..

So today i have woken up sick, again. And i am fed up with being ill. But it means i can improve my essay and get some other college work done that i need to do. I suppose i'll just take it easy today since it's my stomach playing up not any flu like symptoms.
I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and has a good first day back at work school college, etc and hopefully i'll be up and running tomorrow! :)

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Weekend update - what i did this weekend

So yesterday (the 25th) i went into town to change a ring i was bought for valentines day (basically the ring was too wide for my finger and also the wrong size so i changed the ring to one i prefer anywho..)
so after heading into town to Argos (the ring thing) i shopped around and went into my local market. Indoors there are more market stalls which are there all the time, and i popped to a make-up stall and got a new concelear (by W7, which i've never tried before so a review up later perhaps?) it's a liquid concealer with tea tree oil so not only does it cover any spots or blemishes or under eye circles it treats your skin, spot or any kind of imperfection which i thought was cool. That was £2.
I also bought a dream mousse blush by Maybelline in the shade Mauve (which i think is shade 4) it's a really lovely consistency and you need teh smallest amount to make the colour so it shall last me a long time. I paid £3 which i think is a bargain since i'm sure it's much dearer in shops. I plan to go back there and try out a few more make-up items because she sells trusted brands at discounted prices which i'm very happy about, she also seels one of my favourite mascaras by maybelline which i think was actually discontinued (or just everyone loves it so it's always sold out) it's the max volume double ended, where you get the white primer/base coat and the black mascara. I believe it's £4 which again is good for a maybelline product.
I also popped into Lush and bought a Blackbery bathbomb and a £1 tester of the Charity Pot moisturiser (which i'm not too keen on but it was only a pound.)
I then went out with my boyfriend and an old school friend (since we all went to the same high school) and enjoyed the sunshine. We then chilled out at Liam's (the boyfriend's) and watched Big Mama's house 3 (not sure what the actual title is, sorry :s) It was a lovely day and it was lovely to spend the weekend with Liam since we don't see each other much in the week due to college scheduals.

Today(26th) i went for a lovely walk through my local park since again it was a very sunny day. I met a lovely dog walker and her dog Ben (not sure what breed but he was shetland pony sized) she was very well spoken and i found myself dotting my i's and crossing my t's very liberally throughout our little talk.
Later i shall be swamped down by an essay i must finish (luckily it's half done) and shall then most likely have a bath with my Blackberry bath bomb since i think after my walking and my essay writing - i shall deserve it.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Please feel free to leave comments letting me know what you did this weekend :D

An amazing giveaway!

So a lovely lady called Louise is doing her 100 followers giveaway, with all the products being MAC!
I am entering myself, and thought I'd give my followers (the very precious few which i have :D ) a chance to enter them selves

the link above will send you directly to the giveaway!

Friday, 24 February 2012

Wishlist - Item #6

Again this item is VERY different, and probably not going to be bought for a while because of the price, but i'd love a proffesional/ decent wuality camera
I've been looking at canon cameras, and would love a DSLR. I'd take it every where with me and snap probably everything just because i could take amazing quality photos.
I haven't got an image or link because i'm not sure exactly what one i'd like, but i know they are from £399 upwards, so i shall keep dreaming.. and keep saving..

Now i'm not one to be a beggar, but...

Now i would really love to test out a flat top kabuki brush (long handled short handled no handled - i don't mind!)
And of course i'm not expecting it for free! So if anyone has an old flat top kabuki in good condition that they would like to swap or would like to sell, please leave comments below :) You can also email  :D
Details below..

I've also finally set up the email for my blog, and so if anyone wants to say "hi", has any questions, wants to do a joint giveaway/swap or just a general collaborations you can email on..
Please feel free to email about anything you'd like and i'll reply as soon as i can :)

Haven't done any OOTD's for a while because..

So i apologise for not doing any outfits at the moment but it's that time of the month and i am breaking out more than ever.. i have never broken out this badly before, so i'm hoping it clears up soon so i can see if it's actually a product making me break out rather than my hormones.. (please don't be the rimmel london wake me up foundation :[ )

I hope everyone had a lovely week, has anyone got plans for the weekend? :)

Wishlist - Item #5

So, i found another few items for my wish list, and so i shall post them up now!
(because i really really want them - if anyone is feeling generous ;P just kidding!)
So item number five is...
GOSH Nail Lacquer 540 Ocean
GOSH nail lacquer "540 Ocean"

Love the colour so so much! Although the quality of GOSH nail polish isn't the best.. (the metallic green i posted about before is an amazing colour but the brush quality makes grooves in the polish :[ ) I'd really love an iridescent nail polish

Wishlist - Item #4

So back to the makeup wants, and this is an item i could swear by. (i have really really red cheeks, and green primers work amazing for my skin - i have tried one before from my local salon but i have no idea where the newest bottle has gone?! ~mental memo to ask my mother.. :S ~)

I know that my mum did pay, however, about £30-£40 for the last primer (RIDICULOUS!) and i have finally found a cheaper alternative.
L'oreal does a anti-redness primer (green coloured primer are ANTI-REDNESS. Red is opposit green on teh colour wheel so they cancel each other out :D)
This primer is around £10 from superdrug, and i believe it's 3 for 2 at the moment so you get the cheapest item free when you purchase 3 items! (i'm sure most people know what 3 for 2 means :S)

Has anyone tried this primer? What do YOU think of it?
Studio Secrets Anti-redness Primer
L'oreal Studio Secrets

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Wishlist - Item #3

So i was planning to do my wish list one post a day for the rest of February, but, since i missed the first couple of weeks of February, you'll forgive me for doing two posts a day occasionally. And today shall be the first multiple wish list post days.. (if that made any sense what so ever...:S)

Love this dress for Spring. Topshop £46.00
Now i don't usually buy anything from Topshop because of the price, but i really love this dress, so may consider it. Or, may just either make my own or find a cheaper solution. if anyone knows a cheaper alternative - leave comments!

P.S. I think they would go great with the boots from wish list item #2! It may be a weird combo to some, but i know I'll end up trudging in mud, even in the summer, and so boots shall go perfectly for the cooler days..
For the warmer days... Toms...

Wishlist - Item #2

So wishlist item number two is rather.. different to yesterdays, and rather more pricey. But i am absolutely in love with these Doc Martens. I was originally going to save up for/ beg my parents for the black patent, but then i stumbled across these (thank-you schuh.co.uk for emailing me about spring styles - iloveyou..)
They are £110, which could be pricey for boots, but i know and trust the brand and the wuality and the £110 will definitely last (compared to paying £20 a month on cheaper shoes that only last a few weeks..)
I'm hoping that my daddy will agree to buying them (since he promised to buy me a pair just didn't guess i would of found the prettiest.. but most expensive ones.. -he should've guessed!-)
The boots can be found here if you wish to browse them yourself :)

Go enter this giveaway!

So a very kind lady called Vale left a comment telling me about her amazing giveaway (which i mean i'm not just saying it, urban decay AND benefit up for grabs!)

so i want to leave you all an easy way to get to the give away here (<- click it ! you know you want to..)

good luck everyone!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

My wishlist - Item #1

EcoTools Bamboo 6 Piece Brush Set

So i would really really like some new makeup tools, and i've heard amazing things about the eco tools from boots (you can probably buy them elsewhere too)

So for my wishlist at the moment i am adding the eco tools brush set (find it here)

It looks like a good set of basic makeup brushes to replace some very tatty and very loved old brushes.


Monday, 20 February 2012

My first O.P.I!

So I have finally broken my O.P.I virginity and got my first polish. It was £11 and I bought it from my local salon (she orders them or picks them up from sally's specially when you ask - and I most likely will be getting colours and trying essie as well since she also uses essie polishes)

It's nothing special but I bought the original Nail Envy strengthener to see if it'll help my once bitten nails.

Has anyone tried nail envy and have any good or bad experiences? Would love to heat your opinions :)

OOTD - 20/2/2012

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Back to college tomorrow - groan

So tooday is officially the last day of half term, and i shall miss having time to myself.. Not sure how much i'll update while back at college so i apologise in advance for slacking in blogging just in case..

For anyone that goes back to school/college/work tomorrow, have a brilliant day and enjoy the rest of your week!

Night all

NOTD - Martian nails

My nails of the day - what an aliens manicure would look like!

Possible hair colour..

So at the moment my hair is an odd brown auburn colour..
It was dyed red, then dark brown to get rid of the orange tones. and now the dark brown has worn off and bleurgh

So i googled images of light brown hair (since i'd like to go lighter for SS12) and i found this image..

It's light brown with grey undertones.. (i think it's meant to be the first signs of what brown hair might look like with the odd grey strand.. but i really like the shade!)

No idea how it'd work with my current hair colour and as if i'll find a packet of hair dye like this..

But fingers crossed!


Having Blogger problems..

Is anyone else having problems replying to comments?! I don't know if i've messed up a setting or something.. so if you leave a comment i'll reply in another comment but i can't click reply because nothing happens! :@

Needing hair advice!

So, i really fancy a change to my hair, but i don't want to all of a sudden get a bob or something drastic like that!
I'd love to have lighter hair, but not bleach blonde (maybe ash? I like ash..)

Does anyone have any tips of hair styles that would suit me (without loosing lots of length!) and a nice way to make a change to the colour without my hair falling out..


Yesterday's doings..

So yesterday was 18/02/2012 (Saturday to most people) and it wasn't completely exciting but i ran a few errands.

My mum lent me the money from her cheque book for a Cosmopolitan yearly subscription, and so i popped to town to go into the bank and replace the money (which was a complete fiddle because the bank couldn't transfer the money and the machine doesn't accept coins and blah blah blah. Bleurgh to Halifax)
While in town i also popped into superdrug and the 99p store and bought a few bits and bobs. Including an eyebrow pencil, a GOSH nail polish (in metallic green), some rice cakes (random but yummy), a superdrug lip balm (the little green tin with aloe vera), Cuticura moisturiser, a mango body scrub, and even more randomly.. some toothpaste! (i love arm and hammer and the 99p store sells their full range! I find it's the only thing that actually whitens my teeth and the sensitive paste does really work!)

After my trip to town i came home and me and mum went out for late lunch at harvester. We shared a platter for two and made a pretty good job of it!

I hope everyone had an amazing Saturday, and enjoys their sunday too!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Quality time with my mum

(Apologies in advance for the awful photos - using my iPhone since my camera isn't much better.)

So today I went out with my mum and picked up a few margins from my local shops -
I forgot to mention that in Covent gardens I also bought a dry shampoo (superdrug own brand - away with the fairies) and an intensive hair conditioner (superdrug own brand coconut and sweet almond intensive conditioner) from superdrug

So today I went into my local town and picked up a tiny tube of Sudocrem (also known as baby bum cream) it says on the tube that its good for acne and I have a few problems areas as well as breaking out on my back (gross I know) I got a small tube to see if it helps. From the same chemist I got a heat protection spray. It's from the brand mess head (if anyone has even heard of it) and was only a pound. I currently use the Avon heat protection spray but it's about £4-£5 so for £1 I can't go wrong. It also smells delicious!
From my local St Francis hospice charity shop I got an amazing bargin. I bought a belt in there for a pound (originally from tesco) but my amazing find (which I have an eye for in charity shops) was this amazing vintage gucci bag. It is believed to be from the 1950's and I fell in love with it before I even knew the brand. I won't say how much I paid for reasons to my self, but there will be an image of the beautiful bag below.

I then went with my mum to post a package to a friend and to run some errands and then my mum had a lovely paraffin wax manicure in a local salon (Thankyou Louise for making my mummy feel special). The technician was so so lovely and I will definitely be booking treatments with her in the future. I also ordered an O.P.I nail envy polish to hopefully add some strength to my nails (I'm an ex-nail biter and years of saliva and teeth have ruined my nails and nail beds. Growing them is a mission because I'd love beautiful nails so if anyone has any tips please leave comments below :D)

I hope everyone has had an extremely lovely Friday as I have with my mum

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Pretty pretty preetty pleeeeeeeeeeasee..

So i have found THEE most AMAZING shoes EVER.

And i really really really want them..

Click here to see the amazing shoes

My trip to Covent Gardens!

So today i travelled into London to Embankment station and went into Covent Gardens! I didn't go to particularly buy anything, but i came away with a few cute pieces.

In H&M i bought a floral vest top in the sale for £3
I went a bit crazy in paperchase and bought a cute rose petal recycled paper storage box, a pass holder (i put my oyster card in them, this one has cute little birds on it) and a sugar cube postcard for a friend.
I bought the new Rimmel London "Wake Me Up" foundation - but in the right skin colour.
And i took a trip to Lush and bought myself a "Magic Mushroom" bubble bar and a "Pop me in the bath" Bubble Bar (if the second name is wrong I'm sorry but it's the cute one with the whole flower on top.)
I spoilt myself with a caramel latte from starbucks and bought lunch from pret a manger because it was the emptiest place i found.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday!

Apologies for my slacky updating..

So really sorry that i didn't actually do and OOTD but I'll explain what i wore for valentines (sorry there will be no pictures) So it was a very casual dinner at his so inwore a flowered vest top, my Superdry hoody, super skinny jeans from primark (which i love and will be getting more of - the super soft super skinnies are £11 each and they now have more colours! I will be definitely getting the black and the lighter blue that they now have) brown loafer pumps from linzi and my brown ostrich bag from boohoo.com

My hair was the usual middle parting that I'm trying, i just applied a volumising spray and heat protection spray and dried my hair upside down. (i dry my hair the right way to set my parting in and then do the rest upside down.)

With make-up, i just wore my usual flicked eyeliner but with a subtle brown smokey shadow and lots of mascara (currently trying out a No7 mascara that  i got in a Christmas set - it's only sample size but I'm actually starting to love it)

I hope everyone is well! And I'd love people to leave comments of what you did on valentines! I'm hoping to go into London today but who knows if that will actually happen!

Happy Thursday,

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

It's the 14th of Febuary! (Dun dun dunnnn..) But to everyone out there - single, in a relationship, married, engaged, divorced, everyone! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

Coming up later will be an outfit of the day (i'm going to my boyfriends house and i have a sneaky feeling he's cooking :D) Accompanied by a makeup look and whatever hair style i fancy later.

Hope everyone has a very happy valentines :)

 So thank-you very much to my boyfriend for a lovely dinner, i was bought some red roses, chocolate and a gorgeous ring to replace one he previously bought me which broke (sob) I hope everyone had a lovely Valentines and that everyone was a little bit spoilt!

Monday, 13 February 2012

NOTD - Purple passion and shimmer

So before everyone nags at the title yes I understand some people may say that the polish is pink not purple but to me it is PURPLE.. So there...

Saturday, 11 February 2012

OOTD - 11/02/2012

So today is a.......


And no, you may not see a picture of my in my jammies.. just saying..

Complete with spotty dressing gown and fluffy slippers, I'm not doing anything today, and i mean NOTHING AT ALL.. because it's the first Saturday of the half term and i deserve to sit on my but for 24 hours.. well... I'll be sleeping for about 10 hours.. so maybe just 14, tehe.

Have a great Saturday, wrap up warm if you are going out because the last time i checked it was -5! ~brr~


I'm lusting for..

These boots! Oh my goodness.. well the chelsea boot has been out for a while, and i know Topshop sold a heeled pair, at a rather large sum of £75 (i believe) now to some people £75 may be fine for your budget, but i am currently unemployed and so being able to shop means budgeting money well.


Black (Black) Zip Ankle Boots | 239395601 | New Look
These beauty's are from newlook, and are only £19.99! I cannot wait to buy a pair!

How about you leave a comment with a great bargain you've found lately? i'd love to know!

The boots can be found here

It's rather nippy out..

Minus 5?! That is rather chilly! Wrap up warm everyone and have a great Saturday! -x-

Friday, 10 February 2012

OOTD - 10/2/2012

top from peacocks
coat from asda
bag from my local market (tehe)
scarf from asda
boots from asda
leggings from primark
boots from faith at debenhams

Thursday, 9 February 2012

NOTD - short and dark

Okay so today i have really dark short nails because my nails are really brittle and are awful confition so i have to keep them pretty short so they don't break as bad. (If that made any sense what so ever.. :s)
The nail varnish was from a set i got for christmas 2010 from my boyfriend (it was from asda) so i have no idea what its called but any dark red or purple polish looks good on short nails. i love love love short nails with a dark colour and they look very sultry ready for the 14th! haha!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

OOTD - 8/02/2012

Eyebrow Threading - My experience

Now, i was always someone who plucked my own eyebrows, and occasionally i would get them waxed, but i found a local place that does threading, and tempted by a £3 special deal i went along. (The first time i went was before christmas i believe) They gave me a stamped card sayiong if i show them the card next time i'll get a discount meaning that the price will stay at £3 and not be the original £5. Which is always good (i love a good deal!)

The Experience

I'm not going to lie, it was extremely painful. I've had it done twice now, and no it did NOT get any better the second time around. It was bearable, but made my eyes water, and at some point they will ask you to hold your eyebrows a certain way which is quite awkward.

Although it hurts, and is awkward, and makes your eyes water (so wear waterproof mascara or none at all.) It lasts for a good 4-5 weeks, depending on your hair growth of course. But for £3 it's definitely worth it in my opinion.

Happy threading :)

P.S. Click here to learn to thread your own brows.

All video copyright to juicytuesday(Youtube), THE VIDEO IS NOT ME AND IS NOT MY OWN.

OOTD - 8/2/2012

Boots from Asda
Leggings from Asda
Top from primark
Hat same as yesterday
Cardigan courtesy of my mother
Coat, bag, scarf and mittens the same as yesterday


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

At the moment i can't get enough of...

Fruit herbal teas. At the moment my addiction is actually fruit teas. We had the Tesco own brand Blackcurrant and Apple tea bags, but Twinings is alright i suppose. Personally i think the tescos ones are nice (possibly because they are MUCH cheaper) but everyone to their own.

P.S. i'm looking for a nice black purse, rather big, because mine is nice but bulging to the seams because i always have excessive amounts of change. Please leave comments or tweet me :D @FayeE-Warrick

Lots of Love

Sarah aka OhhSoGlam.Blogspot

So as the title is pretty self explanatory i would like you all (whoever stumbles upon this blog MUST follow these instructions.)
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go check her out :) love her posts and she follows back!
Happy Tuesday!
You will find Sarah's blog here
And tweet her here

Lusting for this bag..

So found the most beautiful bag ever (a blogger called Jessica French owns the plain black one which i think is currently sold out.) I saw it on her and fell in love, then found the two toned one, and my heart was set upon it.

What do you guys think of the beauty ?
Click Here To See The Beauty Of The Bag

Monday, 6 February 2012

OOTD - 7/2/2012

Just what I'm wearing this morning

Coat, leggings, hat, scarf, bag and mittens all the same as yesterday stripy jumper from pilot watch from Argos (heck yeah) black tshirt from primark boots from faith at debenhams

Tweet me email me - say hello!

So as some of you may know ; I have twitter!
And would be obliged to have some of you let me know what you think of my blog through twitter!

Also, I'll be starting up an email soon purely for blog readers to contact me and so I'll let you know when that is complete and up and running!

Hope everyone had a lovely Monday stay safe in the snow and ice!

Sophie Elizabeth..

So a rather lovely gal called sophie has started a blog (apparently I copied her but - Pfsh.)
She similarly got a free sample of the Rimmel foundation but is too lazy to make her own review! (Thankyou for the mention though)

I think everyone should go check out her blog and make sure they say hello!

Sophie Elizabeth

Rimmel wake me up results

So as you can see the foundation has sort of stuck around for a college day but it's not made much of a difference to my rather rosy cheeks (excuse the college "exhausted" hair haha) its an alright foundation but I'm still looking for the number one.. Back to maybelline for me!

OOTD - Snowy college day

So today I'm wearing a plain White top, mittens and bag from primark, hat from h&m, black cardi, black leggings and coat from George at asda, scarf from goodness knows where, socks from tesco and rubber riding boots

Good morning! And Rimmel London WAKE ME UP foundation review

So in my cosmopolitan (cosmo) mag yesterday there was a small tester of the wake me up foundation by Rimmel London. Now I'm all about trying new face products because I've been an avid maybelline lover since the first time I chose makeup buy I'm always looking for something new. The sample comes in a little sachet (images below) and there will be a before foundation and after foundation photo.
The sachet says - "Our first foundation that visibly reawakens and illuminates skin with a radiant glow and a flawless natural-looking finish. Instant anti-fatigue effect. With peptides and a vitamin moisturising complex."

So to apply the foundation I'm going to use my hands which I have washed before applying..

So the product smells amazing, is quite a think consistency but gives good coverage. BUT the shade, which is 200 soft beige is far too dark for me and so I'm going to blend it to the best of my abilities before I provide a photo... (eep at the colour of the sponge! Which was clean.. :S)

Foundation applied and pictures below! The coverage is amazing and doesn't feel particularly heavy only problem is the shade but it was a free sample so I can't complain! I'll be doing two update of the wear of the foundation to show you how it lasts throughout the day!


Sunday, 5 February 2012

Valentines NOTD: Vampy Vixen Nails

So today I'm rocking a Vampy vixen red nail specially for valentines next weekend. I think red nail polish always looks classy and looks good on talons or short square nails, which I have at the moment (finally stopping biting my nails so for me these ARE talons!)
The polish is max factor nail infinity mini is the brightest red. Happy Sunday!

Strawberry mousse Sunday

So today I thought i'd chill out - literally because of the snow! I trekked to the shops and bought myself a cosmo mag and sat with a strawberry mousse face mask. Bliss. Hope everyone has a lively Sunday and stays warm and safe in the icy snowy weather (:

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Sweet dreams..

So it's rather late so i thought I'd wind down tonight with a goodnight to you all. If you read this then blessings come your way with love and hugs and I hope sweet dreams greet you all tonight. Until tomorrow..

Wanting some advice..

Hiya, happy saturday!

I'm looking for a little bit of advice..
Basically i'm thinking of doing a make-up tutorial, and want to know what you all want to learn how to do!
Everyday make-up is very basic for me, and everyone has their own preferences for everyday makeup, so let me know if there is anything desperate you want to know about!


Friday, 3 February 2012

NOTD - pastel yellow and black crackle

So I'm still not well :( and falling drastically behind at college because of it - not good!
Yesterday I painted my nails with a pastel hello polish and a black crackle effect (images below) I primed my nail with base coat and added a top coat to add a bit of shine. The crackle polish was free with a magazine but the yellow is Barry M in lemon shade 307. Barry M does a wide selection of crackle polish which is good (have tried and tested a friends). Leave comments below of what you want to read next and if you want a nail polish collection or a Barry M review!