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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Weekend update - what i did this weekend

So yesterday (the 25th) i went into town to change a ring i was bought for valentines day (basically the ring was too wide for my finger and also the wrong size so i changed the ring to one i prefer anywho..)
so after heading into town to Argos (the ring thing) i shopped around and went into my local market. Indoors there are more market stalls which are there all the time, and i popped to a make-up stall and got a new concelear (by W7, which i've never tried before so a review up later perhaps?) it's a liquid concealer with tea tree oil so not only does it cover any spots or blemishes or under eye circles it treats your skin, spot or any kind of imperfection which i thought was cool. That was £2.
I also bought a dream mousse blush by Maybelline in the shade Mauve (which i think is shade 4) it's a really lovely consistency and you need teh smallest amount to make the colour so it shall last me a long time. I paid £3 which i think is a bargain since i'm sure it's much dearer in shops. I plan to go back there and try out a few more make-up items because she sells trusted brands at discounted prices which i'm very happy about, she also seels one of my favourite mascaras by maybelline which i think was actually discontinued (or just everyone loves it so it's always sold out) it's the max volume double ended, where you get the white primer/base coat and the black mascara. I believe it's £4 which again is good for a maybelline product.
I also popped into Lush and bought a Blackbery bathbomb and a £1 tester of the Charity Pot moisturiser (which i'm not too keen on but it was only a pound.)
I then went out with my boyfriend and an old school friend (since we all went to the same high school) and enjoyed the sunshine. We then chilled out at Liam's (the boyfriend's) and watched Big Mama's house 3 (not sure what the actual title is, sorry :s) It was a lovely day and it was lovely to spend the weekend with Liam since we don't see each other much in the week due to college scheduals.

Today(26th) i went for a lovely walk through my local park since again it was a very sunny day. I met a lovely dog walker and her dog Ben (not sure what breed but he was shetland pony sized) she was very well spoken and i found myself dotting my i's and crossing my t's very liberally throughout our little talk.
Later i shall be swamped down by an essay i must finish (luckily it's half done) and shall then most likely have a bath with my Blackberry bath bomb since i think after my walking and my essay writing - i shall deserve it.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Please feel free to leave comments letting me know what you did this weekend :D

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