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Thursday, 26 July 2012

My summer face.

So this post will be quite short but I thought I'd do a quick update of the makeup I shall be wearing during these hotter days

- natural collection tinted moisturiser in beige
- natural collection lipstick in fig leaf
- max factor masterpiece mascara
- Avon brown eyeliner
- barbara daly blusher in nude

As I said I'm sorry it's short but make up is my enemy in hotter weather. This look is very low coverage and so perfect for disgusting sweaty days where you don't want to feel your makeup

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Tanning it up.

Hey guys so this is going to be a really quick tanning post of what I do and a before and after pic.

So the products I use are the palmers gradual tan and st moriz instant tanning lotion

I apply the instant then the gradual using rubber gloves over a well moisturised face and body. (the images are just my face because I'm too lazy to tan any more at the moment. Also I use nivea cream)

Both tabs will develop over night a nf the result will be golden but without being orange.

WARNING: neither smell particularly nice.

But apart from that I think they are great tanners!

The picture where I am also holding the bottle is the before (I know they look pretty similar but it is because I diluted the tan with the moisturiser)


My lucky day

Just thought I'd share a little bit of luck with you as it seems to be running off on me lately

I won two pounds on a scratch card and so it paid for the scratch card and the drink I bought at the same time. Yay!

Ramble over,
Hope everyone has a great day!

Amazing bath bomb purchase.

When I was away recently I came across an amazing shop that was basically a non branded "Lush" (lush sells amazing Eco friendly animal cruelty free products like bath bombs.
I of course had to go in and look and I came across this little beauty. Parma kalma. The bath bomb smells exactly like Parma violets (a type of sweet/candy you can get in the UK) it cost me £2.50, which is slightly cheaper than the average in Lush.

Not only does it smell great but instantly my skin felt softer and the water went an amazing purple colour! (pictures below)

What's your favourite bath time treat?


June Faves.

Sorry it's another video guys but i just want to make sure everything is up and running properly!

Feel free not to watch :)

Thank-you Luelle!

So Luelle tagged me in the leibster award and here were her questions..
Luelle's questions:
  1. If you knew your favourite make up product was tested on animals would you still use it? Definitely not
  2. What is your most important goal in life? Get my career (to become a teacher)
  3. Where do you picture yourself in ten years time? As a teacher, married, owning a dog or two, possibly with children
  4. If someone said that you have the opportunity to travel to east Borneo all by yourself but all expenses were paid would you go? Probably not
  5. Do you wear makeup every day or just for special times? Everyday (yes i'm a saddo, except if i'm just lazing around)
  6. Does it take you hours to pick an outfit or just a few minutes? it depends on the occasion
  7. What colour would you dye your hair, knowing that it would come out exactly the way you wanted it? Highlighted, or a dark ash blonde
  8. What is your favourite fashion magazine or magazine in general? Cosmopolitan
  9. What would you change in your life if you could? Not sure..
  10. What is your favourite movie? Lilo and Stitch/ Harry potter
  11. What is your least favourite food? Brussel sprouts (VOM!)

I have already made questions so feel free to answer those here