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Friday, 24 February 2012

Haven't done any OOTD's for a while because..

So i apologise for not doing any outfits at the moment but it's that time of the month and i am breaking out more than ever.. i have never broken out this badly before, so i'm hoping it clears up soon so i can see if it's actually a product making me break out rather than my hormones.. (please don't be the rimmel london wake me up foundation :[ )

I hope everyone had a lovely week, has anyone got plans for the weekend? :)


  1. aww, im sorry to hear this. You dont have to apologize to anyone ^^

    I've had a pretty good week : ) No real plans for the weekend.. just to spend time with my love<3

    1. Aw have a lovely weekend! And regards to the loved one and the pets :)