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Monday, 5 November 2012

Masquerade party & Long distance lovers.

This weekend has been a pretty eventful one for me! My lovely friend Nina celebrated her 18th birthday party, which was beautifully masquerade themed! it was a lovely party, had a good catch up with friends after not seeing them for a week (half term.) and gave us something to end the half term with a bang ready for college Monday (aka today. Boo.)

My mask for the party.
On another note, some of you may or may not remember a post i made about celebrating my two year anniversary in May this year. Well it is unfortunate for me to say the relationship ended a short time after that anniversary. I'm not clinging for sympathy, or going to divulge the details, but it gives a nice introduction to the remainder of this post. 

I do not know what your opinions or preferences are when it comes to dating but i would appreciate an open mind being taken towards this. 

Daniel and i have been talking for about a month, and an "item" for just under. (which i know to some may be incredibly fast, but if it didn't feel right, it wouldn't happen.) The unfortunate thing is that he lives about 7 hours away from me. Things are great at the moment and I am laughing and smiling and just being the happy bubbly me again. 

Does anyone have a cute romantic story they would wish to share? Or a personal experience of long distance relationships? 


Friday, 2 November 2012

OOTD - Running errands

Coat, dress and bag from charity shop (originally primark and river island)
Tights and boots from asda
Watch from argos, earrings my mums

New favourite fall lipstick 2012

After doing my recent post about fall lipsticks i stumbled upon this beauty which has now become my favourite.
I have never really looked at the number 17 range in boots, but i was just browsing when i found this lovely off red lip shade.
I think its perfect for fall and winter and will suit most skin tones, it also goes well with the berry lips trend that is attacking the fashion world right now.

Whats your favourite fall lippy, and do you think you'll try the berry trend?
Faye xo