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Friday, 17 February 2012

Quality time with my mum

(Apologies in advance for the awful photos - using my iPhone since my camera isn't much better.)

So today I went out with my mum and picked up a few margins from my local shops -
I forgot to mention that in Covent gardens I also bought a dry shampoo (superdrug own brand - away with the fairies) and an intensive hair conditioner (superdrug own brand coconut and sweet almond intensive conditioner) from superdrug

So today I went into my local town and picked up a tiny tube of Sudocrem (also known as baby bum cream) it says on the tube that its good for acne and I have a few problems areas as well as breaking out on my back (gross I know) I got a small tube to see if it helps. From the same chemist I got a heat protection spray. It's from the brand mess head (if anyone has even heard of it) and was only a pound. I currently use the Avon heat protection spray but it's about £4-£5 so for £1 I can't go wrong. It also smells delicious!
From my local St Francis hospice charity shop I got an amazing bargin. I bought a belt in there for a pound (originally from tesco) but my amazing find (which I have an eye for in charity shops) was this amazing vintage gucci bag. It is believed to be from the 1950's and I fell in love with it before I even knew the brand. I won't say how much I paid for reasons to my self, but there will be an image of the beautiful bag below.

I then went with my mum to post a package to a friend and to run some errands and then my mum had a lovely paraffin wax manicure in a local salon (Thankyou Louise for making my mummy feel special). The technician was so so lovely and I will definitely be booking treatments with her in the future. I also ordered an O.P.I nail envy polish to hopefully add some strength to my nails (I'm an ex-nail biter and years of saliva and teeth have ruined my nails and nail beds. Growing them is a mission because I'd love beautiful nails so if anyone has any tips please leave comments below :D)

I hope everyone has had an extremely lovely Friday as I have with my mum