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Monday, 26 March 2012

Quick update..

So i apologise in advance for my lack of blogging but this week is Mock exam week, and so it means that i am weighed down with silly amounts of crammig before my exams. I post now because i know that I'll be so tempted to get on the computer tomorrow (i will be dragging myself to the local library and hoping for the best)

Tomorrow will be my date with the library (again since i went today as well but lost hope in the rays of sunshine tempting me outside.) tomorrow i shall be equipped with my headphones to block out all noise and get myself motivated!

My first exam is Wednesday afternoon and so wish me luck!


  1. good luck for your exams, i was in your position a couple of years ago, and working hard and spending those hours in the library really really count, so keep up the motivation!

    do your best :)


  2. Good luck :) Hope you have a lovely celebration when you finish xx