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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Pinch punch first day of the month.

It's the first of march!
And march is going to be pretty hectic for me..
The 5th and 6th I'm in Belgium with my college and from there it just gets swarming with appointments and exams and everything on between!
How is everyone's march looking? :)


  1. Wow cool, I've never been to Belgium. But it must be amazing, not only for it's chocolate :D haha! Have you ever been there before?

    This month I will finish my driver license so it also will get a bit stressful.


    1. hehe yes i've been before but i was younger and it was only a day trip - i'm going to try and blog from there when i get a few minutes to myself! :)
      and good luck with your driving! :D

  2. Good Luck and your schedule does look hectic =)

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      and thank-you for your lovely comment :) xox