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Sunday, 4 March 2012

My weekend = blooming stressful!

Evening all!
So i haven't posted in what seem likes forever, for packing for Belgium has totally consumed my time. I leave tomorrow (Monday, at 6am) and i actually can't wait! I think it'll be a great photo opportunity and i need all the practise i can get (so when i splash out on a nice camera I'll be a pro)

Saturday was a lovely day with my mum and nan, we went to the cinema and shopping together. We saw A Monster In Paris which was an AMAZING film, kids films always are the best ones. Next week they will probably see something more sophisticated together but my influence won them over for the kiddies film.  My nan also bought me the most delicious lemon muffin from Marks and Spencers (since we are upper class and popcorn is SO last season ;] ) and it was a lovely trip out.
Spending time with my elder generations means a lot to me.
Also bought a few bits and bobs for the trip including a super cute leopard backpack from primark and a couple of pairs of their super soft super skinny jeans. (Bag £9, Jeans £11 each) as well as a few beauty bits like a spray deodorant and some hair bits and bobs.

My Euros are packed, my passport is shaking with excitement and i am roaring to go!
Although the trip is an educational one we get some free time on both days and so i think it shall be a good trip.

I leave you with a link of what I'm listening to right now, wasting some time until i have to sleep before getting up at 5am for Belgium! Woo woo!

Lana Del Rey – Born To Die

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