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Thursday, 8 March 2012

My adventure in Belgium..

So i am back in England! (hurrah!) My little adventure from Folkstone to Calais and into Ypres was pretty amazing, despite being up at goodness knows what hour. (I didn't even know that early existed!)

It was a trip with my English Literature course at college to visit the war memorials of the First World War, and my goodness was it emotional. I was chosen by one of my tutors to place a poppy on one of the graves after a service and i have never felt so proud and honoured in my entire life. It was the grave of the famous unknown soldier, and there are unlimited numbers of people that could be buried under the ground where this stone lay. Most of my pictures i took were of graves and memorials so i won't post any not to offend or upset anyone, but it was an extremely emotional trip.

Of course being in Belgium i HAD to buy chocolate, which i did. And the euro currency experience was rather exciting but odd.

I bought the cutest little strawberry volvic which we don't get in the UK and it was about 1eauro 10, which is about 90pence.

I loved Belgium and France and I'd love to go back soon. Me and the boyfriend are considering going there for new year this year since it gives us both plenty of time to save up.

Hope everyone had a lovely Monday and Tuesday since i wasn't here to say hi :(




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  2. glad that you enjoyed your historical trip.
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