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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Good morning Baltimore..

(Guessed where the title comes from? :3)

Anywho, a little good morning and a super quick "What i'm lusting for post"
I suppose i chose this title as that film is all about getting what you want..
I was browsing through a couple of blogs and when i stumbled upon This Way For Fashion, Leanne's lovely post about disco pants caught my eye.. and then her bag smacked me straight in the face (not literally of course.) but it was a lovely studded duffle bag, and so i mooched along to the select website and may i say "GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME!" Select has actually upped it's stakes in my fashion books..
Select cherry chiffon vest £8
Select black print chiffon top £10
Select Taupe side zip ankle boots £18
Select Black stitch bag £12

I know everything is from Select but i hardly go in my local select because i never find anything, maybe they have finally realised what people want to buy...
Better get saving my money for these amazing items!

Anything any of you guys are lusting for right now? :)


  1. Select looks like a great shop! I love the floral top and the boots!
    I just started following your blog - it looks great! x

  2. Love the boots :)

    I've Tagged You in My Blog Post Get To Know Me http://ohhsoglam.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/tag-get-to-know-me.html Hope You Join in :) xx