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Friday, 30 March 2012

Not long now!

Finally my exams are over, and i can dedicate myself to my lovely followers again :)

So if you haven't already read older posts, you should, but for those who have been around a little while..
It's not long until my 50 follower giveaway!

I better ge3t shopping! I've had my eye on some items I'd like to purchase for my giveaway and so i shall have to get them soon just in case my follow count drifts up!

I'm sorry that posts will be a bit shorter than normal but I've jumped on the YouTuber bandwaggon so am trying to get to grips with that. And I'll of course be posting the videos here so you can watch them from here. My March Favourites will be a video, so i apologise to those people that enjoy reading favourite posts, but i promise I'll make more in depth reviews and other posts as soon as i get a few videos up.

Thank-you so much for following and thank-you for being lovely and supportive and bearing with my ever so slow-ness!


  1. I've jumped on the youtube bandwagon too-just posted a march faves (cringe!) point me to your videos :) xx

  2. yay for exams being over! i definitely know that feeling of relief xx