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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Thank-you Luelle!

So Luelle tagged me in the leibster award and here were her questions..
Luelle's questions:
  1. If you knew your favourite make up product was tested on animals would you still use it? Definitely not
  2. What is your most important goal in life? Get my career (to become a teacher)
  3. Where do you picture yourself in ten years time? As a teacher, married, owning a dog or two, possibly with children
  4. If someone said that you have the opportunity to travel to east Borneo all by yourself but all expenses were paid would you go? Probably not
  5. Do you wear makeup every day or just for special times? Everyday (yes i'm a saddo, except if i'm just lazing around)
  6. Does it take you hours to pick an outfit or just a few minutes? it depends on the occasion
  7. What colour would you dye your hair, knowing that it would come out exactly the way you wanted it? Highlighted, or a dark ash blonde
  8. What is your favourite fashion magazine or magazine in general? Cosmopolitan
  9. What would you change in your life if you could? Not sure..
  10. What is your favourite movie? Lilo and Stitch/ Harry potter
  11. What is your least favourite food? Brussel sprouts (VOM!)

I have already made questions so feel free to answer those here

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