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Thursday, 26 July 2012

My summer face.

So this post will be quite short but I thought I'd do a quick update of the makeup I shall be wearing during these hotter days

- natural collection tinted moisturiser in beige
- natural collection lipstick in fig leaf
- max factor masterpiece mascara
- Avon brown eyeliner
- barbara daly blusher in nude

As I said I'm sorry it's short but make up is my enemy in hotter weather. This look is very low coverage and so perfect for disgusting sweaty days where you don't want to feel your makeup


  1. Really pretty summer make up! :') We're new to the blog scene aha if you have time maybe check out our blog :)

    Thankyou xxx


  2. I've never tried natural collection, which products would you recommend the most?:)

    take a look, www.happyrebekah.blogspot.co.uk

    1. the natural collection lipsticks are great - i find there are quite a few mac dupes too! and i love the face powders. I've only just started to use the tinted moisturiser but i'm really impressed! So i definitely recommend that! :)xx