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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Tanning it up.

Hey guys so this is going to be a really quick tanning post of what I do and a before and after pic.

So the products I use are the palmers gradual tan and st moriz instant tanning lotion

I apply the instant then the gradual using rubber gloves over a well moisturised face and body. (the images are just my face because I'm too lazy to tan any more at the moment. Also I use nivea cream)

Both tabs will develop over night a nf the result will be golden but without being orange.

WARNING: neither smell particularly nice.

But apart from that I think they are great tanners!

The picture where I am also holding the bottle is the before (I know they look pretty similar but it is because I diluted the tan with the moisturiser)



  1. That Product work great ,it look so natural ,love the effect :)


  2. Hey, I gladly tell you that I restarted my blog and I saw that you followed it earlier. Unfortunately I lost all of my followers now and I'd appreciate it a lot if you followed me again. Check out my "new" blog and feel free to follow me if you like it. I follow you back of course.

    xx BBella

  3. moritz only works on my skin sometimes it is very weird. now and then i go amazingly brown and other times nothing x

    1. why not try the darker version? that might work better on your skin tone? :) x