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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Introduction To Me

From the Author of College Girl's 101, i bring my more personal, fashionista blog, Faye's Fancies - me being Faye.

So this being a intro, i suppose i should say hello personally.

I'm Faye E-W (Surname too long to even think about mentioning.)
Age 17, (Woo i had a birthday!)
Still at the same college, yah-dah yah-dah.
Dating an amazing male called Liam, and if i can persuade him he might do a boyfriend tag with me? (He WILL do the tag... muhaha)

I will hopefully be doing a colab with a fellow blogger (When she gets more pictures and thinks her blog is "ready" - her words NOT mine.. Silly Sophie!)

I'll be doing some OOTD, NOTD (nails of the day), HOTD (hair of the..) and a whole bunch more. I would love to hear feedback when i finally get this blog up and running, so tah-dah!


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