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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The perks of dating a Transman.

So I think myself pretty lucky to be in the relationship I am in. Love is love, and I didn't purposely go out and find this guy, but I found him. And I wouldn't change him for the world.
I thought i'd make a humorous, almost cliché, list of perks to dating a transguy. And see if I can convert you single ladies to being open minded.
  1. You don't get called overemotional (they are as blubbery as us sometimes! -sorry Dan-)
  2. You can watch slushy films (The Vow is one of Dan's faves.)
  3. They will NEVER say you're overreacting about period pains. (sorry Dan)
  4. Sex. Epic. 'Nuff said.
  5. They allow facemasks (and dan even let me paint his nails once. HA.)
  6. They do feeelings
  7. Kind of like a gay best friend but without the fancying of men and with the perks of being epic boyfriends/fiancĂ©s. (they do however moan about us taking ages to get ready... and some transguys are gay so.. doesn't apply to all..)
And there are plenty of the regular "bioguy" perks too, but I love my transman. And I wouldn't swap him for Johnny Depp if someone offered. (Seriously.) He deals with me being an emotional ranty moany moody stroppy stressed out slushy blubbering cow, and anyone does that deserves knighthood let alone a dedicated blog post.

Overall, I love my smurf.

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