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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Tattoos, visitors and Mrs Dixon to be.

Ahhhh half term is coming swiftly to an end *sob* which means a rather stressful panic of getting back into the habit of college *double sob* and I apologise for my lacking of posts but inspiration has been a mystery to me lately.

I thought i'd do a bit of an update for you lovlies.

Firstly, the oldest of updates - I have my first tattoo! And I could not be happier with it. I got my first tattoo on the 4th January (so yes, it is a rather late update! but I have become so used to it I sometimes forget it is there.) Recently, I have realised how much being yourself matters. Throughout senior school (high school, secondary school) I had many phases of changing myself to please others - and I hated every minute of it. I have finally found myself, and I am comfortable being myself. I enjoy being me! Okay so everyone has flaws, or things they don't like about themselves. But sometimes, I get up in the morning, I see myself in the mirror and I think "you know what - maybe you didn't fall from the ugly tree after all". Now don't get me wrong, I have those self-loathing days where my hair won't go right and I feel fat and hideous, but who doesn't have those days? (No, really who doesn't? Let me hit them.) But those days make me appreciate the days where I feel good about myself even more.

Anyway my tattoo is sort of a permanent reminder to myself to be who I want to be when I want to be.

'Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind' -Dr Seus
I'm not entirely sure which aspect (I suppose you could say) of Dr Seus that this lovely thing comes from, but I stumbled across it on Instagram (Follow me if you like! @faye_ew) a long time before I took the plunge to get my tattoo and it just stuck. I repeated it in my head for ages, planned it for ages, and then finally I was set. My mind didn't change over the months that I was thinking about it, and so I knew it would be my first tattoo.
The first 'B' of the tattoo (Be who you are etc) has a red and white striped hat sitting atop it. Dr Seus, to me, instantly brings images of the cat in the hat to my mind, and so as an image reminder of the source, I had the little hat added. I had it done in my local tattoo shop, and I am sure to go back when I can afford my next piece of ink (Yes tattoos are pricey, but you pay for the quality and service)

My tattoo! (sorry for poor quality)
A newer update - my long distance relationship is going amazingly, and although it is hard work (and expensive) i can say I have never felt love like this. He visited the past week (half term for us students) and we had the most amazing time. We took trips into London, we share such similar interests when it comes to travelling and culture. He was amazed by the "efficiency of London transport" (oh if only he live here aha) and.. for the most recent and possibly shocking update..

I know to some people this may seem soon (i'd appreciate you keeping that to yourself) but to us; it feels right. And above all it feels amazing. I get butterflies just thinking about spending my life with him. My heart melts at the idea of spending the rest of my life with this guy, and to be quite plain it brings tears of joy to my eyes.
Wedding bells are not for years yet, as I have a passion for my studies and career, and neither of us have the resources to afford a wedding, or to live together etc but it is the next step towards our future and i cannot wait.

Ahh i'm all gooey inside just thinking about it (Oh shush i'm in love deal with it.)

A close-up of my ring

When I visited his over New Years
Outside Buckingham Palace - in the words of Daniel "We went to see Lizzie for a brew like" (he is a northerner - and I have had a passionate love for accents for as long as I can remember ;].)

I cannot wait to be Mrs Dixon, and I leave you with this happy smushy post.


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