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Monday, 21 January 2013

A bad blogger with new hair.

You may tell me off later; I promise.

I know I know I've been neglecting you again, i'm sorry. Still love me?

The whirlwind life (cough.) that I lead has been keeping me shockingly busy.

Trips to plan, exams to sit, a new job; the real world calls.

But I am back! (To let you know.. I can really shake 'em down..) And accompanied by a bob. Yes, that's right. A bob.

Ta-da! (Excuse the IG quality.)
Now to me my hair wasn't very long to begin with. But looking back at old photos, my hair was reaching my bra strap, and now - it just skims my shoulders.

It may be a big change to some, but for me the practicality has improved immensely.

I am also working on a few craft projects, cute fox cushions as well as a knitting project. (just a simple scarf) I am planning to take up crocheting also (as apparently this is easier than knitting. Hmm, a likely story..) and shall update you when I get onto that

Crafts, for me, are big skills to have. Whether it is sewing, knitting, cross stitch; the list is endless. I know that to some women, the idea of being able to sew is that original social stereotype of a woman, but find me one girl out there who doesn't regret sewing that button back on when she had the chance..

Anyway, the real world is calling again. Work; here I come.

Hope everyone of you stays warm and safe in this snow (If you have any)