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Monday, 5 November 2012

Masquerade party & Long distance lovers.

This weekend has been a pretty eventful one for me! My lovely friend Nina celebrated her 18th birthday party, which was beautifully masquerade themed! it was a lovely party, had a good catch up with friends after not seeing them for a week (half term.) and gave us something to end the half term with a bang ready for college Monday (aka today. Boo.)

My mask for the party.
On another note, some of you may or may not remember a post i made about celebrating my two year anniversary in May this year. Well it is unfortunate for me to say the relationship ended a short time after that anniversary. I'm not clinging for sympathy, or going to divulge the details, but it gives a nice introduction to the remainder of this post. 

I do not know what your opinions or preferences are when it comes to dating but i would appreciate an open mind being taken towards this. 

Daniel and i have been talking for about a month, and an "item" for just under. (which i know to some may be incredibly fast, but if it didn't feel right, it wouldn't happen.) The unfortunate thing is that he lives about 7 hours away from me. Things are great at the moment and I am laughing and smiling and just being the happy bubbly me again. 

Does anyone have a cute romantic story they would wish to share? Or a personal experience of long distance relationships? 


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