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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

MUA, you disappoint me. Gel eyeliner review

Firstly, i would like to beg your forgiveness for not posting in forever, but i have lacked inspiration so to speak. So fingers crossed you do not hate me too much..

Now! The review! I LOVE MUA products.. Usually. This one however, i died a little inside.
There i was in superdrug oggling the shelves as per usual, and thats when i saw it -cue heavenly music and beams of light- MUA HAS BROUGHT OUT A GEL EYELINER!! Now i know most of you probably know this, and i have owned it for quite a while but its been sitting there gaining dust as i think, this product is poop.

So better start with the good things before i rip this product to shreds. The consistency and the application is wonderful. Beautiful creamy gel, glides on smoothly, but it goes down hill from here.

Inside the lid you will find a brush - feed it to your dog.. NO DO NOT FEED IT TO YOUR DOG! But you get the idea. The brush is fiddly and useless, for me anyway. Then we get onto when its applied, now it sits beautifully but blink to hard and you get these awful flakes of product falling onto your cheek. Next it smudges like goodness knows what. Staying power my arse. Then of course if it smudges it does not last very well.

So it crumbles, smudges, the brush is poo, it doesn't last.


Have you tried and tested this product? What do you think of it?

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