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Thursday, 12 April 2012

I would really really like...

Now i've never been a sneaker gal, (or trainer girl for the grammatically correct lot)

But i have been converted to high tops, (the boyfriend being slightly responsible for this.)

I have found very girly, but very nice trainers from Nike, that i am considering buying..

So here they are!

Image 1 of Nike Dunk High AC Trainers

Aren't they purty?
They're from Asos.com, and unfortunately they don't have my size at the moment (me having flipper feet in a size 7/8) so i shall pray and hope that they get more in stock, or that i can find these babies elsewhere.

Has anyone seen them around in a shop or other website? I'd be very happy if you would share the information! :D

Hope everyone had an amazing easter and doesn't get to tubby from all the eggs ;)

Big hugs 


  1. They look cool, but I would look life a doofus in them...ha xx

    1. that's what i'm worrying about! :s xx

  2. FAYE.

    THESE. Much more fun I think the wedge is 1000000% this season :)
    Just a suggestion :)